Call for Participation – FAQ’s

Questions regarding the Poster Call for Participation/Poster Session:

1) How many authors can be part of a single abstract ?
There can be an unlimited number of authors on a single abstract however, if the poster is selected, there can be only one presenter.
2) If there is more than one author , will ALL authors get travel grants?
There can be only one presenter – and that person is eligible for the travel grant. Only students are eligible for travel grants at this time. 
3)Will all students whose poster gets selected be eligible for travel grants?
All students from India are eligible this year. If is our hope to make this international in the coming years.
4) What is the budget of travel grant? Will the grants be disbursed on a case by case basis- based on distance they need to travel – far away cities etc? Will the students be provided accommodation?
It is on a case by case basis and will cover travel , registration and accommodations.
5) Can I do a poster of work that has already been published in a peer reviewed conference?
Yes. We do not require this work be orginial to this Conference.
6) Am I eligible to submit a poster to GHC India being an Indian student even if I am studying in the US? Also, I would like to know if my poster gets accepted will I be provided with a scholarship to travel India. I will not be requiring accommodation as my hometown is Bangalore.
You are certainly eligible to submit a poster to GHC but because you are located in the US, you would not be eligible for the travel grant. This year we are only providing travel grants for Indian students in India. You might want to consider applying for the CRA-W Travel grant – I am not sure if that applies to foreign conferences, but I am pretty sure it does. Next year, when the conference is open to a larger population, we will open up the travel grants to all students.
7)I have a poster proposal where I have used softwares to solve some biological problem. It is a contribution to biological sciences. I would like to ask whether I can participate in this poster presentation as it is specifically for Computer science field.
The Grace Hopper Celebration is a technical conference where the focus is at the intersection of computing and other disciplines. We love to look at how computing is leveraged and should have a prominence in the poster. If it isn’t clear how computing is leveraged, then it probably will not work.

General Questions:

1) Is this conference open to All Women engineers – or just the ones who are invited- through sponsor companies?
This will be a public conference for technicalwomen. The first of its kind in India –  but this year it is considered a pilot program. We decided to keep the group small. We weren’t sure this was going to work! Currently the only way to attend the conference is:
As an employee of a sponsor company
As a member of the planning committee/sub-committees
As an accepted poster presenter
2) Will the event be open to other participants if they pay for the registeration charges?
No. Not this year. We hope to open the event up to everyone next year.