Information for Presenters

Please review all of the sections below:

Session Guidelines and Preparation

In addition to following these general guidelines, be sure to review guidelines specific to your submission type below.


Photographs are required only for keynote and invited technical speakers, and plenary (general session) panelists. For everyone else, they are optional. Photographs for use on the website and printed program must meet these specifications:

  • FORMAT: Adobe Photoshop JPEG or TIFF
  • FILE NAME: Last_First, e.g., Hopper_Grace.jpg OR Hopper_Grace.tif
  • RESOLUTION: High resolution, 300 DPI at original size
  • Preferred original size is 4 x 6 inches (1,200 x 1,800 pixels)
  • Alternate original size is 2 x 3 inches (600 x 900 pixels)
  • See Specifications for Photos (PDF) for more information.
  • Please email this information to Deanna Kosaraju

    For details about your specific area – select the following link:


Previous BOFs have ranged from presentations followed by Q and A to facilitated brainstorming sessions about a topic of shared interest. In the past, BOFs have brought together women interested in mobile computing, networking, student-led mentoring programs, and academic hiring issues.

You will need to submit the following program materials:

  • Session title,
  • Name, affiliation and title of all presenters,
  • a 100-word biography and photo (optional) for the moderator and each presenter in your session,
  • and a 70-word abstract.
  • Please email this information to Deanna Kosaraju by October 29th.

    Before the Conference: Meet with your fellow panelists at least twice and make sure everyone understands their role. We know you are all busy but schedule the meetings NOW. The better prepared you are, the more you practice, the better the session!

Panels and Presentations

You will need to submit the following program materials: a 70-word abstract, a 100-word biography and photo for each presenter in your session (optional).

Please email this information to Deanna Kosaraju by October 29th.

Before the Conference: Meet with your panelists and practice! We recommend you create an agenda and determine who will speak about the different parts of your presentation given the expertise of the people participating. Meet at least twice and make sure everyone understands their role. We know you are all busy but schedule the meetings NOW. The better prepared you are, the more you practice, the better the presentation!


You will need to submit the following program materials to the GHC submission site by October 29th:

  • Poster title,
  • Name, affiliation and title of presenter,
  • a 100-word biography and photo for presenter,
  • a 70-word abstract
  • Poster Set-Up: NEW
    1. Each poster presenter will have an easel on which to place their poster. Please do not make the poster larger than 4’ by 4’ (1.2m by 1.2m). You can format the poster any way you would like. For photos of posters presented at GHC Atlanta – see below.
    2. We ask that only one person present each poster due to space limitations.
    3. The poster presenter should arrive at Conference Registration on December 8th and pick up their conference badge
    4. The poster presenter should make their way to the Help Desk adjacent to Registration and tell the staff they are presenting a poster. The staff will guide you to the poster staging area. You will attach your poster to the easel with your name on it. Please make sure you attach your poster to the easel no later than 10am on December 8th.
    5. During lunch, the easels will be moved to the poster presentation area. We ask that you be ready, standing by your poster, at 2pm.
    6. At 2pm the judging will begin. We ask that when the judges arrive at your poster you provide a short presentation (less than 5 minutes) and give the judges an opportunity to answer any questions you might have.
    7. During the session, you will receive a Certificate of Participation and a plaque as a token of our appreciation.
    8. A winner from the student and professional (academia/industry) categories will be announced at the dinner on the evening of December 8th. We hope you can all attend.
    9. Finally, IBM has a gift for all poster presenters. We ask that you stop by the IBM stall and pick it up.

    Photos of posters at this years GHC in Atlanta:

Speaker template

ABI has designed a PowerPoint template with the 2010 Conference theme. Download here . We ask that you use this template in its entirety for your panels, presentations and handouts. If you wish to add your company logo, feel free to do so but do not remove the Conference logos.

If you are not using PowerPoint and would like to use our images in your presentation, you can download the .jpgs (coming soon).

  • Bullet point your key words
  • Do not use small fonts
  • Do not use acronyms
  • Keep as simple as possible
  • Always check grammar and spellings
  • Don’t put what you are going to say on the slide and then read it – BORING! The slide should summarize what you are saying!

Seven Steps to Better Presentations

  1. Maximize Your Eye Contact: Focus on one person at a time – about 5 seconds. Finish your thought, then move on to someone else. Eye contact is a significant skill to master. It allows you to connect on an emotional level with your audience.
  2. Don’t Forget to Breathe: Breathing is the base for a relaxed, strong voice. If you hold your breath, you will sound nervous.
  3. Use Body Language Wisely: Balance your stance before you start talking, use gestures to emphasize key words and move with a purpose. Before you walk left or right, shift your focus to someone on that side of the room.
  4. Conquer to Content: The more organized the information, the easier it is to deliver and understand. State your idea, support it with examples and summarize your main points.
  5. Control Questions and Answers: Select a questioner, but don’t point. Look directly at the person and listen to the issue. Rephrase the question, addressing the group.
  6. Observe the Audience: Pay attention to their non-verbal clues.
  7. Practice, Practice, Practice!

If you are a panel, it is very important that you meet at least twice before the conference to organize your presentation so everyone understands their role.

Post Materials to Wiki

We ask all presenters to post their materials to the Conference Notes Wiki when they are complete. Materials can be posted before the Conference, giving attendees an opportunity to view what will be presented. You may also post supplementary materials and links to related content on other sites.

Use Our Online Communities (optional)
Are you blogging about the conference or your session (or planning to)? Do you use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Yahoo Groups? Use our GHC India communities on any of these sites to introduce yourself and your topic, gather input, share content, and connect with other presenters and attendees before, during and after the conference.

Conference Check-In
Please check-in at the conference registration desk and pick up your name badge and conference materials. Once on site, feel free to approach the conference information booth if you have any questions or require additional assistance.

A/V Equipment: Every room will be equipped with a LCD projector, screen, wired lecturn microphone, 2 table microphones, flip chart on easel with color markers and a standing wireless mic in the middle of the room for Q&A. Presenters should bring their own laptops for presenting slides or other material. All rooms will provide audio from connected laptops displaying visuals.

Note: Please bring the appropriate VGA adapter if you are presenting from a MacBook. Different MacBook models require different VGA adapters. Be sure to bring the correct one for your laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions
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